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Alaska Story Ideas &
What's New at Pearson's Pond Luxury Inn and Adventure Spa

Areas of Ability-Interests: Relaxed Luxury Travel, Experiential Travel, Accommodations and Vacation Experience, Adventure Spa, Unique Wedding Destination, Honeymoon and Romantic Travel, Fun Fitness, Sports & Recreation, Ageless Adventures, Vacation Packages, EcoTravel, Natural Wonders, Wildlife Viewing, Weekend Getaway,  Multi-generational Family Reunions, Business Travel, Women's Retreats, Fishing Packages.  B-Roll Available 

  • AAA 4-Diamond Award. First awarded to Pearson's Pond Luxury Inn and Adventure Spa fall/winter 2008 and awarded annually since. We know the language of customer satisfaction and consistently deliver premier experiences, complete with superior personal services, first-class amenities and impressive surroundings.
  • Experiential Travel – Off-The-Beaten Path: Why observe Alaska like a tourist when you can experience Alaska like a local. Personalized 3 to 30 day itineraries for guests as well as insider tips take you off the beaten path so you can experience why locals are so passionate about the quality of life in Juneau, Alaska's State Capital.
  • Adventure by Day, Luxury by Night:  Juneau offers unparalleled diversity of spectacular scenery, sightseeing and experiential adventures, wildlife, shopping, and quirky local culture. Choose glacier dog mushing, cruising, or trekking, biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, zip lining, birding, watching whales, bears, or eagles, feasting on fresh salmon, halibut, crab or berries, Juneau has it all. --  Afterward, you'll relax with complimentary wine and cheese, soak in the glacier view hot tubs, watch the wildlife in the gardens…
  • Juneau Alaska named #11 in the U.S. Best Places to Live: The spectacular scenery and diversity is what brings people here, but it’s the high quality of life that keeps them here. Criteria for the Best Places to Live where Juneau rated most highly includes: quality of life, pristine air and water quality, scenic beauty, safety and security, highly educated residents, good economy, low drive times, easily accessible recreation.  See article
  • Glacier Weddings, get married atop or beside a Glacier!   The drive-up Mendenhall Glacier and other quickly glaciers flowing from the 1,000 square mile ice field are part of the 17 million acres of Tongass National Forest, the largest temperate rainforest in the World. The diversity of the forest, the easily accessible glaciers creates a natural, pristine cathedral for your Destination Wedding or Vow Renewal.
  • Hiking in Juneau - Where the Mountains Meet the Sea – 7 Peaks in 7 days. Multiple non-profit and businesses lead dozens of hikes each week in the summer among hundreds of walking, hiking and alpine trails in the forest, on island, on glaciers. Your host at Pearson's Pond is an active Alpine Club member and guests benefit from local knowledge.  Soak in the hot tub each night at Pearson's Pond then enjoy the convivial setting before retreating to your luxury bed.
  • Wild Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing, Fly Fishing and more.  Pearson's Pond is the perfect base for nearby fishing excursions to impress and bond with business clients or just combining a romantic or other adventure for any gender.
  • Juneau and Alaska, A perfect place for a family reunion.  Multi-generational family vacations are becoming more popular. Quality time together with the right mix of relaxation, fun and activities for any age, ability or interests creates richer relationships. Your concierge at Pearson's Pond Luxury Inn and Adventure Spa will help you plan the entire trip and book your activities as well as the entire inn facility exclusively for you or book you at its off-site vacation condo rentals.
  • Romantic Weekend Getaways. Get reacquainted in a rain forest hot tub or in front of your own eco-friendly fireplace.
  • Destination WeddingMoons and Vow Renewals a growing trend. Avoid the stress and instead enjoy an elegant care-free wedding in the Garden, Wilderness or Glacier. On-site certified planner make it all happen, and provide the romantic retreat.
  • Alaska – A great place to Propose. The Romance Director at Pearson's Pond can help you arrange it at this intimate inn, named #4 Most Romantic Destinations in the World.
  • Alaska's Midnight Sun makes for Great Gardens. Pearson's Pond is on the Alaska Garden Tours.
  • Festival Fun in Alaska: Juneau Jazz and Classics, Southeast Folk Music Festival and more make Juneau a fun place to visit.
  • Quirky Alaskans: Fiercely independent, carefree, eco-sensitive, adventurous, smart, and diverse Alaskan's, an interesting breed. What brings them, what keeps them in Alaska? Alaska, where the odds are good, and the goods are odd.
  • Feasting on Nature's Bounty: Fish, beer, mushrooms, berries, bear, moose, and other wildlife about. Most Alaskans supplement their groceries with natures bounty, picked from the wilderness that surrounds their homes.
  • Tongass National Forest – Surrounds Juneau, Alaska’s Capital city. The Tongass is the Largest Temperate Rainforest in the World, diverse with trees, glaciers, shorelines and more.
  • Dispelling the Myths about Alaska: Fact and Fiction: A recent survey showed America loves, but doesn't know Alaska.


Alaska is NOT covered with ice and snow most of the year. In fact Juneau is in the largest temperate rainforest in the world, with average summer temperatures about 68, and winter temps about 32. And less than 5% of Alaska is covered in ice and glaciers.

No, Alaskan's don't live in igloos. Most Alaskans live in regular homes like everyone in the country, often with a rugged Pacific Northwest influence in design.

Yes, Juneau is the capital. Alaska is a state, not a territory & Yes, we use American money. Yes, Alaska is huge, one-fifth the size of the contiguous U.S.

Yes, Alaska's population is small at just 665,000, and Juneau is about 31,000 residents. Most residents work in offices or own their own businesses in fishing, tourism or energy development.

Yes, there is more waterfront and coastline in Alaska than any other state and, in fact, more than most states combined. Yet, partly because of these misperceptions, property in Alaska is undervalued.

Yes, Juneau is surrounded by scenic beauty and is easily accessible by air (2 hours from Seattle or 1.5  from Anchorage), or ferry/cruise. While some see no direct road access as weird, Juneauites and visitors see it as an advantage because there is little traffic, no pollution, nearly no serious crime, and little to spend money on or become attached to things. It is a great place to live, enjoy a good quality of life with focus on fun, relationships, recreation, nature, self-empowerment, peace, exciting adventures, art, culture, history, winter sports, midnight sun, building community and much more.    

  • Innkeeping as a Retirement Career: As the population begins to retire from traditional jobs, many professionals are becoming entrepreneurs in innkeeping. The Professional Association of Innkeepers International provides a wealth of information to ensure success for new innkeepers.
  • Independent Travelers get More Depth of Experience than Cruise Passengers in Alaska. Experience Alaska like a local, rather than a tourist with 12,000 other cruise passengers getting off the ship.  Stay in bed and breakfast, small inns and resorts so you can learn and experience the hidden gems of the area, get the latest on new restaurants, trails and attractions, long before they show up in guidebooks. Learn how to avoid the cruise crowds and hike the trails and do the activities that locals do.


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