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alaska wedding coord

Wedding Terms and Conditions

    • Alaska wedding package rates: The base package includes up to 4 persons. Additional guests, up to 16 total, are $50 per person for combination wedding and reception which include site fee, cake, champagne, seating, housewares/linens, and related services. Food catering and other services are available at reasonable cost.  17% tax and gratuity additional.

    • Booking Deposit: A $500 deposit is due in order to reserve the wedding date. The wedding consultant will provide you a selection of wedding options for you to review. Upon your selection of wedding/reception options, an additional deposit of 50% of the proposed wedding package cost is due so that we may begin to plan your wedding details and order your transportation, photographer, flowers, cake and other customized wedding elements. 

    • Final Prepayment: Payment for the wedding balance is due in full 60 days prior to the wedding. 

    • Change Fees: After the bridal couple selects the wedding details, including but not limited to day, time, location, flowers, cake, transportation, photography, vows, beverages and any other wedding element options, the initial planning agreement is complete and the bridal consultant will proceed to coordinate and order these items. Once you order through the wedding planner, you will incur a minimum $50 change fee, or $120 per hour, whichever is greater, for each element that is directly or indirectly changed/delayed/cancelled. Example, if you change the time or day, this affects the pre-ordered delivery and appointment times for each element, thus there is multiple change fees, one for each element that needs to be re-coordinated.

      Changes, additions or special orders beyond simple customization may require additional coordination and follow-up & thus a minimum service fee of $50 or $120 per hour, whichever is greater depending on extra time expended, plus the cost of goods & services. This applies regardless of when the change is made, the reason for the change, or the nature of the change/addition/deletion.

    • Special orders: We will accommodate any reasonable request for a special order to help create the wedding of your dreams. There is a 25% surcharge for specialty items, and $120/hourly for the wedding consultant/planner. Certified Wedding Consultant is available on-site for additional or non-prepackaged services for $120 per hour prior, during or after the wedding/reception event.

    • Additional assistance available on an hourly basis for: Accessories, Accommodations, Beauty Salons & Spas, Bridesmaid Dresses, Bridesmaids Gifts, Cakes, Caterer, Ceremony Locations, Counseling, Dance Lessons, Decorations, DJ, Dress Rental, Alterations or Cleaning, Entertainment, Favors, Flowers, Groomsmen Gifts, Hair, honeymoon, romance packages, invitations, programs, jewelry, limousine, makeup, music, officiant/clebrant; party rentals, tent rentals, other wedding services, photographer, planner, pre-wedding events, reception venues, pre-post wedding vacation tours for couple and/or guests; reception venue, bridal/gift registry, rehearsal dinner, rings, tuxedo, shoes, guest books, transportation, travel agent, videographer, coordination/referral for caterer/menu-planning, and requests for proposals, venue permitting, etc.

    • Cancellation of wedding: $500 save the date deposit is non-refundable.  Minimum of 50% forfieted if cancelled more than  60 days prior to wedding - depending on planner investment in time/money for arranging and cancelling wedding and various orders, as well as any non-refundable special orders, and vendor cancellation policies if more stringent.  No refund if cancelled within 60 days prior to wedding.

    • Inclement Weather: Weather changes quickly, often for the better, so we usually proceed as normal, even if it is drizzling. Usually, we can just wait out the weather for a little bit if needed. However, if a local flight or boat transportation is cancelled due to inclement weather, your can choose to delay your wedding or choose a land-based venue. If we are on standby more than 45 minutes, there may be an additional standby fee for the photographer or other service providers. A partial refund may be possible if we are unable to take the boat/plane/helicopter, depending on alternate site selection and any extra time and expenses incurred.

    • Wedding Coordination: The coordinator included in your pre-packaged custom wedding event assists you in selecting and customizing your wedding package, details and the elements therein. In addition, the coordinator orders, secures and ensures timely delivery of each element included in the wedding package, which may include

      • Coordinator to assist you in selecting and customizing your wedding package (up to 1 hour)
      • Order, confirmation & delivery of standard packages elements (up to 2 hours)
      • Information and referrals with marriage license and marriage certificates.
      • Development of Itinerary and/or Program for Wedding Day (up to 1 hour)
      • Wedding/Reception Venue/location
      • Prepare and perform legal Marriage/Wedding Ceremony
      • Prepare and Implement Mini- Reception
        • Toasting ceremony with quality beverage choice (ie. champagne, cider) & logo glasses as a gift.
        • Cake cutting ceremony, with selection of flavors/styles
        • First Dance
      • Transportation: Ground, local air, boat as needed (including stop for marriage license)
      • Bridal Bouquet, Groom Boutonniere
      • Photography
      • Wedding Vows
      • 2 Witnesses if needed
      • Music CD selection
      • Supply, set-up & clean up for wedding & reception (up to 2 hours)
      • Greeting of bridal party, review of ceremony & itinerary, and on-site coordination & implementation of wedding & reception on wedding day (up to 4 hours)
      • Assistance and implementation of an alternate plan in case of unexpected need.
      • After the marriage ceremony, follow-up on proper signatures on the completed marriage license for filing with the State.
      • Service times are estimated for persons of 2 to 4 perons.
      • Private, Intimate Wedding Specialty: We specialize in complete destination planning and wedding related services for small intimate private weddings of 2 to 20 persons. While we may decline to plan a large wedding, we may consider an hourly consultation fee to assist on a limited basis. Call the wedding planner at 907-789-3772 or 888-658-6328 to book services.

      • # of Guests/ Wedding packages pricing: Pricing for our basic destination wedding packages are typically for 2 to 4 persons, depending on venue. If you have more guests, please call us for exact pricing, typically from $50 per additional person for the wedding & reception with toasting and cake cutting ceremony. Any applicable fees for additional photography, flowers, admission, tours, rental, charter, catering, and extra wedding planner and other services pre-during-post wedding/reception etc. are additional.

      • Honeymoon Option: Enjoy your honeymoon retreat at Pearson's Pond Luxury Inn and Adventure Spa, named among the World's Most Romantic Destinations. Check availability and book on-line or call 907-789-3772, includes mini romance package with sparkling beverage & rose with stay of 5 or more nights. Open year round.

      • Complete Vacation Package Options are available, planned and customized by on-site travel consultant. See also for trip planning, top tour options and sample package itineraries.

      See more on available wedding packages at Alaska Wedding Package Information.




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